There is so much beauty in life. You were not existent before you came alive and now you are. Breathing, laughing, enjoying, vibrant, joyful, within grace and gratitude because you are here on this amazing planet. You are unique. There is no-one like you. Ever. You cherish your friends, family, your gracious sexy lover. You are baby, child, adult, old and experience many different varieties of being there.

There is something beautiful in death. Life is over and you might find answers to the question: “What’s beyond there?” You might find not anything at all. There is no more. This is it. All is over. Life was a mirage gone by.

There is something beautiful in immortality. Your life is over, but you’re not dead, only you have left your body behind and passed the gates, crossed the river, emerged with the origin of creation, went to heaven of hell, entered the spiritual world, became a ghost, a h[a]unting spirit, found peace, pax, a new quest, a next train arriving at a different station, in a new born body. A new mother embracing you. Back into the womb of a new world…

Who knows the answer, please tell me. Spirits are invited to come and knock on my already opened door…

Here a series of photographs made at the Athenian Cemetary no. 1 in 2013 together with my girlfriend PKB.

Sometimes we spoke about the inevitable, the road we all have to travel, the after life, the hinterland, the embracing of the void, the drop into the ocean. And I remember me saying to her, with a grin, looking with a sparkle of light into her eyes: “Can’t wait for it, baby cakes, to take that leap into another cosmic show that’s waiting for us at the end of this shore.”

 So here you find the beauty of immortality, which we are.

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