people and portraits

a series of photographs through the years, locations, race and color, believe systems, rich or poor, young and old

Here a series of people and portraits through the years, so you’ll get an impression of my work. Some of these works are coincidental meetings, some documentary, others are meticulously composed photographs.

If you like to be portrayed by me, please contact me. 9,5 Out of 10 times I portray people ‘au naturelle’ – in pure nature. Precisely the way it is at that moment.

I consider most of the time two different options. The first is to get as close as I can and wait for you to “drop” your preferred identity, so you reveal some kind of mood which was locked inside. However what I like the most is to find together a specific location and a composition which tells a story about you and your current state in time. Of course, then it is up to me, to reflect and catch that unique moment.

I can offer you a price after consult, so please contact me.

m: +31 [0]6 41503317