As a photographer I work mainly with the following themes which are interconnected: abstract, architecture, image, landscape, man and nature. It’s hard to find all these combined in one photograph, such is a rarity, because I don’t construct, but discover. My photographs are therefore no composite units or compositions that are made in the studio and/or in the digital light room.

Most of the photographs that you see in the slideshows at the top of this page are taken during regular discovery tours. I take my camera along to the Amsterdam IJ and create pictures of what seems to me a beautiful composition. Or I’m in a museum in Athens and see an inspiring sculpture. I travel to the volcanic island of Santorini in Greece and see how man affects nature.

Only my portrait photography is staged now and then.

More and more I search the combination of the aforementioned themes, such as in the photographs with the title “A Human Zip shows Nature his Abstract Expression”, in which I try to capture architecture and raw nature in one image. I refer here to the work of the abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman. So I do create, whenever I encounter similar viewpoints, photographs which are inspired by his work.

In fact, all my creative work is about the human [dis]comfort in relation to nature and our desire to impose our will on it, to intervene in the biological world and make all culturally determined [that is human]. Man can be seen as an insecure, doubting finder, discoverer, influencer, manipulator… A series as “Door Closed [Waiting to be Opened]” refers to our closed attitude to the true nature which lies hidden inside of us. It refers to Aldous Huxley’s famous book: “Doors of Perception”. With this series, I like to clarify symbolically that we [that is the cultural man] live our lives increasingly in a closed system and have turned our backs to the source of creation. The doors should be opened for a fresh breeze. Broaden your horizons, I actually want to say.

In my landscape photography I am looking for the tensions between nature and human interference; both as much as possible in abstract language. More and more I want my work to become like the abstract expressionists and artists from the Zero movement. When you study my photography, you will find out that I find all kinds of inspiration from artists as Yves Klein, Jan Schoonhoven, Barnett Newman, or at least I am looking in the surrounding environment for images in which I recognize these masters.

Almost every picture I have made has not been choreographed and are made just as they are presented here, only a few minor Photoshop adjustments are done. Pure registration of reality is starting point, but then again, man is a manipulator.

I am a lover of nature and flowers above anything else, so that’s why I make work under the name: The Earth is Flowering.

You can contact me for a commission or to order a limited professional print. The latter you can also do through the web shop.

Also I like to meet characteristic people who love to be portrayed by me.