[ portrait by Paola King Borrero, Santorini Greece June 2013 ]

adamadams is the publishers’ name of Hendrik Hol born in The Netherlands in 1962. He is photographer [abstracts, documentary, landscapes, portraitist], writer [essayist, novelist, philosopher, poet], graphic designer, web designer and publisher in one. adam adams is also the name of the main character in his first novel “Blue Earth” [2007].

The name of Adam is the most obvious man can get. All men stem from this name, for it means breath and breath we are. He is an existing man, but not for real because adamadams as such does not exist, is a phantom, how surreal can it be? [as a kid he was totally into Magritte and Dali].

Through the various menu’s you can have a look at his work – the photography, the poetry, some prose, essays on art, politics and other subjects. The accompanying photographs and graphics are all self made, unless stated otherwise.

As a photographer he is working international and is increasingly underway to capture diverse cultures. Then he makes a new publication wherein photography, essays and poetry are combined into one whole.

He is educated as a social-cultural worker and also studied Cultural Studies and Business Administration at the Open University and the University of Amsterdam, with a specialization on “The Policy of Arts [in the Netherlands].” He worked as a curator¬† – exhibition maker – at the Dutch Film Museum [now Eye Film], as a Change Manager for the University of Amsterdam and as a Customer Relationship Manager at the ING Bank Netherlands.

As a photographer and writer he is self-taught, although he followed various workshops on analogue film development and printing techniques in his late teens and early twenties. He got his first camera when he was eight, so he was captured with photo fever from his childhood. He also had training in writing essays and poetry.

Since 2006 he works as a photographer and writer, and he has published so far eight books:

– Blauwe Aarde – Blue Earth [2007] a novel – Dutch

Catcher of Light – Vanger van Licht [2009] a photo book – English and Dutch

Tijdschrijver MMX [2010] collected poetry – Dutch

Volcano’s View [2011] a photo book – English

Greecis [2014] a photo book – English

Willekeur 1 – 20 [2014] computer generated poetry – Dutch

Timewriter MMXV [2015] collected poetry – English

At Random 1 – 20 [2015] computer generated poetry – English

7 of these are currently available as digital downloads and in printed form in the web shop [except the novel “Blauwe Aarde”]. At the present he is working on two new publications.

In the web shop you can also buy analogue and digital photo prints of his work.

He wishes you do enjoy reading and viewing his work. If you want to speak with him, please do contact. He does look forward to our acquaintance.


Hendrik Hol

you can mail him at

you can call him at +31 [0]6 41503317

a human zip confronts nature with it’s abstract expression